martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

Shrek the musical and other chocoadventures

*Esta entrada está en inglés porque sí*

Fondest greetings to you all.

So October was terrible for me...

I missed the lolita masquerade because I got sick. I caught a terrible fever and then I got blisters on my throat and had to get injections for it to go away. And I also missed Sweet Memory, which is the biggest lolita event in my town :(

BUT November has been good so far. It was my birthday and I went with my friends to Casa Korea which is a Korean grill in Tijuana. There, you get to cook your own food and it's different types of meat :3

Le food!

We ate there, my friends and my family, it was great to spend some time with friends and family alike in a different environment, because we always celebrate at home. After that, my family went home and me and my friends went for some coffee and then we got home.

The cake, my sister in law made it.

Over all, my birthday was great :3 And it was also my brother's birthday, but that wasn't that interesting.

On the 23rd (this past saturday) I went to San Diego to watch Shrek the Musical by the California Youth Conservatory Theatre at the Lyceum Theatre in Horton Plaza. This is the second musical I see by the CYC, the first being Les Misérables a few months ago :3

First of all, I arrived in San Ysidro at 11am or so, and my cousin picked me up in KFC and we headed to her apartment where we lounged for a while until it was time to leave for the show, this time, we took my younger cousin Dominique with us :3 It was her very first musical so we were excited to get her into theater too! 

Me and my cousins

The program and my ticket!

The show was really good! Despite some technical problems (I think they had some trouble with the microphones or something because sometimes they made some weird noises), the show was great and all of the actors gave it their all on stage. The music was being performed live and it was catchy and all the actors were such great singers! Some of them are still very VERY young, but they sounded so good, I can't imagine how good they will be when they are older.

Lord Farquaad was one of the best parts of the show. So funny!

The dragon had a voice! Which is a big change because in the movie the dragon didn't speak at all. Also, Donkey was pretty good too :3 What bothered me a little was that the stage is pretty small and the dragon took a lot of space, I would like to see what they could do with a bigger stage.

THE WOLF! The Wolf was great too! Underneath that outfit he had a yellow dress and he was extremely funny too! 

Shrek and Fiona, who were also very good actors, and excellent singers! It's always a pleasure to see great actors with beautiful voices on a stage *-*

And finally, the whole cast.

The pictures do not belong to me, I shamelessly stole them from the CYC's facebook page.

All in all it was a wonderful performance, with very professional actors who knew to not be swayed by technical problems and handled them very well, I am looking forward to their next show, The Secret Garden in March :3

For now, I shall be happy with going to The Nutcracker in Balboa Park on the 14th and then to Beauty and the Beast in Tijuana on the 18th, both in December.

I will probably also make a review of The Nutcracker and of Beauty and the Beast since that last one is going to be performed by local children of a school where a friend of mine is a teacher :3

See you then!

Your obedient friend.


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